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Fujiya & Miyagi: Ventriloquizzing

UK foursome Fujiya & Miyagi formed in 2000 as the result of a shared interest in krautrock and early-seventies electronica music, which has since heavily influenced the unique Fujiya & Miyagi style. The guys have been busy working on their fourth studio album Ventriloquizzing, set for release in January 2011.

Take a listen to the first single, ‘Sixteen Shades of Black & Blue’ :  

As well as the title track, ‘Ventriloquizzing’ :   

To refresh your memory, or give you some insight into where these guys came from, take a listen to ‘Collarbone’ which is taken from their 2006 LP Transparent Things’:   

And lastly, here’s a track you might remember from their 2008 album Lightbulbs titled ‘Knickerbocker’:   

Keep up to date with the progress of Ventriloquizzing at the Fujiya & Miyagi Blog.

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