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Battles Lost..

Last month New York City’s experimental progressive rock group Battles announced that lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Tyondai Braxton had decided to leave the group to persue his own musical path. Battles had been working on their second studio album which they still hope to have completed early 2011.

Battles released an awesome new track earlier this year as part of the Twilight Saga – Eclipse soundtrack titled ‘The Line’:

Tyondai Braxton has now released Central Market. A precisely composed 7 track album impressively layered with guitars, vocals, synths and strings that will no doubt take you on a jittery resonating adventure. Take a listen to the first two tracks to be released from the album:

‘Uffie’s Woodshop’:   

‘Platinum Rows’:   

If you like what you’ve heard you can purchase the album on iTunes.

We will keep you updated as to the release of the new Battles album as the information is released.

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