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Avey Tare – Down There

Animal Collective band member Avey Tare released a live recording in 2006 with his wife Kría Brekkan (formerly a member of experimental Icelandic group múm) titled Pullhair Rubeye. The album was recorded during their tour across USA and Iceland of that year but was later released with all the tracks being played in reverse.

This October sees Avey release a crocodile inspired (the reptile) debut solo album titled Down There which was recorded by fellow Animal Collective member Deakin.

Take a listen to the first track on the album – ‘Laughing Hieroglyphic’  

Also, here’s a track from the album Pullhair Rubey – ‘Foetus no-man’  

If you want to hear more from Pullhair Rubey, check out their MySpace.

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  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t Avey Tare. This is 60 Watt Kid.


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