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Solid Gold: Bodies of Water [Flashback]

Back in November 2008, Minneapolis 4-piece Solid Gold released their amazingly addictive debut album Bodies of Water, which to our disappointment  didn’t receive much airplay here in Australia. The album was recorded on a budget of next to no money and they utilised any venue they could get their hands on such as city apartments, basements, cabins, and farms.

In the bands own words; “Bodies of Water is a sweeping epic that spans love, loss, redemption and the nature of the human experience”

This album deserves to be part of any music connoisseurs collection. You can purchase the album directly from Solid Gold or you can download it through iTunes.

The boys were finally recognised in Australia back in 2009 when the below track ‘Get Over It’ scored a placing on Modular; Leave Them All Behind 3 compilation:

Check out the vid for another of the albums stand-out tracks, ‘Bible Thumper’:

Also, the band has more recently released an EP called Synchronize which includes a few new and previously unreleased tracks. The EP also includes a White Sea (aka M83) remix of the title track:

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