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We get deep and personal with LANKS, cause that’s how we roll


I reckon this new LANKS ep is easily one of the best I’ve heard this year

New Single by LANKS - 'Holla' - acid stag

LANKS continues to go from strength-to-strength with his gorgeous new single

LANKS - Bitter Leaf [New Single] - acid stag

Aussie singer/songwriter LANKS delivers a gorgeous new track + hits the road supporting NGAIIRE

LANKS - Golden Age [New Single] - acid stag

LANKS gives us his “most ambitious work yet” with new single ‘Golden Age’

LANKS - Aurelia - acid stag

LANKS reveals his favourite track off his upcoming EP

LANKS - Settle Down - acid stag

LANKS continues to prove he is on an incline to greatness with this stunning new release

LANKS - Hold Me Closer - acid stag

LANKS drops a new one and it’s pretty damn pleasing on the ears

LANKS - Brave Man  [New Single] -acid stag

Melbourne music-maker LANKS has a brilliant new track for us a today called, ‘Brave Man’

LANKS - Green Light (Planète Remix) - acid stag

Today we have the world premiere of this seven-minute remix of LANKS’ ‘Green Light,’ by an upcoming Melbourne producer known as Planète

LANKS - Thousand Piece Puzzle EP - acid stag

Here are our thoughts on the mesmerising debut EP from Melbourne producer LANKS

– ★★★★