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Jason Gaffner closes out the year with his next sun-drenched, summer soundtrack-worthy release


There’s a party in my cassette deck and everyone’s invited!


Who doesn’t love a good dance-off!?


Jason Gaffner gives us another taste of his debut ep with this little island-electro-funk groove

New Single by Jason Gaffner – ‘Feel Something’ - acid stag

Jason Gaffner makes good on his promise of more new tunes with a super smooth, disco-funk tune

HDME - Tyler Touche - acid stag

Kick back and settle yourself in for a mid-week cruise with Tyler Touché

New Single by Jason Gaffner - 'Losing My Mind' - acid stag

Jason Gaffner gives us a taste of things to come with a smooth new original groove

New Single by MUTO feat. Drifting Lights - 'Purple Heart' - acid stag

Sydney producer MUTO drops his next release and plays his first live show this week

AR Ferdinand - Full Moon (ft. Axel Mansoor) [New Single] - acid stag

AR Ferdinand teams up with Axel Mansoor for the next taste of his upcoming album

Sam Padrul - Dirty Work (ft. Patrick Baker) [New Single] - acid stag

Sam Padrul and Patrick Baker get together up for a collab that was obviously just meant to be

Millesim - Figured Out - acid stag

Ease yourself into the week with some smooth new sounds from Millesim & Mafalda

Jean Tonique - Guest (ft. Iris) [Alternate Vision] - acid stag

Jean Tonique shares a chilled, downtempo alternate version of his 2015 single ‘Guest’

Cazzette - Genius (TJH87 Remix) [Premiere] - acid stag

TJH87 inject Cazzette with some of their disco-funk

Remix This, Jean Tonique, Luke Million, Jamie Woon, Annie Lennox, MSTR ROGERS, Young Franco, Tyler Touche, Navigatorz, Du Tonc, Jenaux - acid stag

featuring: Jean Tonique, Luke Million, Jamie Woon, Annie Lennox and MSTR ROGERS

remixed by: Young Franco, Tyler Touche, Navigatorz, Du Tonc and Jenaux

Emerson Long - Heatwave [New Single] - acid stag

This new track from Emerson Long will make you want to get up and dance around the room