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Kids At Midnight - Unashamed, Vapours  [AA-Side] - acid stag

Kids At Midnight returns with TWO feel-good electro-pop grooves, ‘Unashamed’ and ‘Vapours’

Friday MixTape #156

Friday MixTapes will increase your sex appeal by 35%.

Friday MixTape #127

You can take the boy out of the disco, but you can’t take the disco out of the boy.

Friday MixTape #126

Dance like it’s 3AM and everybody’s watching.

Friday MixTape #118

Tap toes like pros to disco.

mixtape 145

Dance, and get wet.


We present to you, FRIDAY MIXTAPE ONE HUNDRED. Thank you for your support. Without which, we wouldn’t be celebrating this momentous day. Now, in true acid stag style, let’s get fucked up.