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Digitalism - Go Time [New Single] - acid stag

It’s Go Time for German electro dudes Digitalism as they prep for the release of their first album in five years

Digitalism - Utopia, Battlecry & The Ism [New Music] - acid stag

Digitalism give us three new tracks from their first album in five years

Digitalism - Second Chance [New Suingle] - acid stag

Yes, today is a great day for hearing new music from Digitalism

Pleasure Curses - Burn  [New Single] - acid stag

This new track from Pleasure Curses will make you want to get naked and dance

Digitalism - Wolves - acid stag

My Tuesday just got even better.

Winterplan - Eyes In The Dark

Today we have the world premiere of ‘Eyes In The Dark,’ the latest single from Melbourne newcomers, Winterplan

Thomas Azier - Verwandlung

‘Verwandlung’ is the latest emotionally driven single form Germany’s Thomas Azier

Friday MixTape 174

On the 7th day of Christmas, acid stag gave you disco.

Crooked Colours - Moontan Nocturnal

Perth electronic trio Crooked Colours have delivered ‘Moontan Noctornal,’ the first single since the release of 2012’s debut self-titled EP.

Friday MixTape 155

Friday MixTapes are like bananas. You don’t make eye contact when consuming them.

Thomas Azier - Ghostcity

Recorded in an abandoned Soviet factory, Thomas Azier’s new single ‘Ghostcity’ takes you on a journey into the world of futuristic German electronica.