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New Single by LANKS - 'Holla' - acid stag

LANKS continues to go from strength-to-strength with his gorgeous new single

LANKS - Bitter Leaf [New Single] - acid stag

Aussie singer/songwriter LANKS delivers a gorgeous new track + hits the road supporting NGAIIRE

LANKS - Golden Age [New Single] - acid stag

LANKS gives us his “most ambitious work yet” with new single ‘Golden Age’

Yujen - Sanctuary , Avalanche II - acid stag

Yujen have some new atmospheric sounds to share with us this week

LANKS - Aurelia - acid stag

LANKS reveals his favourite track off his upcoming EP

Belu - How It Is EP - acid stag

Today we have the first peak at the debut EP from Sydney newcomer Belu

LANKS - Settle Down - acid stag

LANKS continues to prove he is on an incline to greatness with this stunning new release

Oisima - Take Your Time - acid stag

Oisima shares another stunning track from his forthcoming debut record

Belu - Twenty Something - acid stag

The stunning debut single by Sydney newcomer Belu, really deserves your time today

GAPS - She Bears A Flower  [New Single] - acid stag

GAPS upload delicate new single, ‘She Bears A Flower’

Surf Dad - Honey [New Single] - acid stag

The new single from Surf Dad features vocals sampled from a collection of recordings that their Mum did back in 1989

Leaks - Could I Be  [New Single] - acid stag

Leaks’ Jaunt EP will give your auditory system a very nice little massage on its way in

Leaks - Underthought - acid stag

Melbourne music-maker Leaks unveils a stunning new single called, ‘Underthought’

New Mantra - Manzoni - acid stag

UK newcomer New Mantra will put you in a daze with his silky electro/R&B productions

– by Jacqui Wonder

Surf Dad - Unholy Film  [World Premiere] - acid stag

Today we premiere a new short film by Victorian music-making bros, Surf Dad