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AIMES - Navigue [EP Stream] - acid stag

A smorgasbord of disco-delights delivered directly to your door, courtesy of AIMES

Remix This, Roosevelt, Guster, FFX, Bat For Lashes, EDX - acid stag

featuring: Roosevelt, Guster, FFX, Bat For Lashes and EDX

remixed by: Prins Thomas, Dim Sum, Star Slinger, Icarus and EDX

HUMP DAY MIX- AIMES - The Navigue Mix [Exclusive] - acid stag

AIMES takes us on a smooth, infectious, disco-cruise

Du Tonc - Music To Play to Aliens When They Land On Earth - acid stag

Du Tonc take the reins this week with what may be our only defence against an alien invasion

The Penelopes - Charts June 2014 - acid stag

Everyone thanks The Penelopes for making your Monday afternoon bearable

Du Tonc - Mixtape 2

Du Tonc serve up Mixtape 2 which is brimming with some of the best disco-dance tunes making their way around the interwebs over the last few weeks – Thursday just got awesome

Friday MixTape 167 - Jeff McCann

WARNING: Friday MixTapes are known to cause hallucinations. DO NOT PRESS PLAY!

Friday MixTape #143

You’re the rat in the musical maze, working your way towards the disco cheese.

Friday MixTape #141

Say hello to the weekend.

mixtape 145

Dance, and get wet.