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featuring: Owen Pallett, Oscar Key Sung, Summer Heart, SAFIA, CARIBOU, PLEASURE CURSES, and Garbage

Single Sessions - Bells Atlas, WhoMadeWho, Vallès, Pleasure Curses, Miskeyz - acid stag

featuring: Bells Atlas, WhoMadeWho, Vallès, Pleasure Curses and Miskeyz

Vincent Coleman - 9 Islands [Album Review] - acid stag

This nine track record may start off with wistful contemplations of mortality, but the shades of eroticism it reveals, excites and intrigues

– ★★★★ by Carlos Duarte

Vincent Coleman - 9 islands [Premiere] - acid stag

Treat yourself both aurally and emotionally with 9 Islands, the debut album from Vincent Coleman

Pleasure Curses - Burn  [New Single] - acid stag

This new track from Pleasure Curses will make you want to get naked and dance

Vincent Coleman - Beast  [New Single] - acid stag

Vincent Coleman’s sexy ‘Beast’ will get you right in the loins

Friday MixTape 179

Dance monkey, DANCE!

Friday MixTape 176

New Year resolutions:
1. More dancing
2. Less work
3. More grooving
4. Less jerks

Friday MixTape 173

[insert quirky (and preferably sexy) comment here]

Friday MixTape 171

May the disco be with you.

Friday MixTape 164

What’s long, sexy, comes…once a week and makes you feel real good?


‘Bounce Above’ is the latest electro-dance single from Washington DC’s PLEASURE CURSES AKA Jahn Alexander and Evan Maxwell.