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Friday Favourites, CKtrl, AM!R, BEij, Pallace, Amtrac - acid stag

featuring: CKtrl, AM!R, BEij, Pallace and Amtrac

Remix This, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Bluehost, Y2K & lil aaron, Jen Jis, Kayper, Guardate, Pallace, Kulkid, Mountain Of Youth - acid stag

featuring: Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Bluehost, Y2K & lil aaron and Jen Jis

remixed by: Kayper, Guardate, Pallace, Kulkid and Mountain Of Youth

Disco Pit, featuring- GIRL FRIEND, Zimmer, Pallace, Thomas Tonfeld, Mighty Mouse, AIMES - acid stag

featuring: GIRL FRIEND, Zimmer x Pallace, Thomas Tonfeld, Mighty Mouse and AIMES

Friday MixTape 246

Weekend forecast; sunny with a good chance of dance

HUMP DAY MIXES- Arthur Younger Exclusive - acid stag

UK newcomer Arthur Younger has provided an exclusive mix for your HUMP DAY happiness

Serious Covers - Yeasayer, Kavinsky, White Stripes, New Order, Jon Hopkins, Zimmer, Kastra - acid stag

featuring: Yeasayer, Kavinsky, Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal, White Stripes and New Order

being covered by: Jon Hopkins, HOLT, Zimmer & Pallace, Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg and Kastra

Friday Mixtape 231

Less work, more twerk