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My First CD - HOWLING - RY X - acid stag

We ask Aussie muso RY X (of The Acid & HOWLING) where his love of music began

Violent Femmes - Love Love Love Love Love - acid stag

Violent Femmes share music video for their first single in over 15 years

Daniel Johns - Surrender - acid stag

Who’s excited about hearing two new singles from Daniel Johns in one week?

Daniel Johns - Preach - acid stag

Daniel Johns drops another track from his forthcoming EP

My First CD - Jon Hart, Boy & Bear - acid stag

Jon Hart of Boy & Bear bought his first CD to win over a girl – turned out to be a win on both accounts

Asgeir - The Forum, July 22 [Gig Review] - acid stag

Not going to Splendour this weekend?

Asgeir is one of the fantastic shows you’ll be missing out on..

– ★★★★ by Alex Milne

Luke Million - Silverchair - The Offspring - acid stag

Who would’ve picked Luke Million for a grunge kid?

Pixies - Indie Cindy - Album Review - acid stag

We review the latest album from the Pixies – is it good or bad?

Aeroplane - Nirvana - Michael Jackson

We caught up with Aeroplane while he was in Australia recently and asked him what the first CD he ever bought (stole) was?

The Naked And Famous

We touched base with The Naked And Famous bass player David Beadle to ask where his musical seed first started to flourish.

My First CD Vincent Vendetta Midnight Juggernauts

We were keen to learn what the earliest influencers were of Vincent Vendetta, Midnight Juggernauts’ vocalist and keyboardist. You’ll be surprised with what we found out.


Jagwar Ma’s music sounds so widely influenced (there aren’t too many acts around today I could compare them to), so we thought it would be prudent to ask Jono Ma about his early music tastes.