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Friday MixTape 172

If I say dance, you say fuck yeah!

Friday MixTape 171

May the disco be with you.

Friday MixTape #152

FACT: Friday MixTapes are responsible for 55% of all house-party related injuries.

Friday MixTape #129

In the words of Barry White: Disco deserves a better name, a beautiful name because it’s a beautiful art form.

Friday MixTape #127

You can take the boy out of the disco, but you can’t take the disco out of the boy.

Friday MixTape #122

Disco is a celebration of life.

mixtape 7

Make your way to a clearing for an all-out disco bukkake.

Friday MixTape #89

We want to make you sweat. Sweat till you can’t sweat no more.

Friday MixTape #80

Finally, Friday has come. It’s been drinking pineapple juice.

Friday MixTape #79

We’ve put just the right amount of science into this week’s MixTape. Sexy, sexy science.

Friday MixTape #78

Discover a world of intense disco grooves.

Friday MixTape #74

We’re horny for disco. Luckily it’s Friday.