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Friday MixTape #244

Who wants Ear Candy?

Friday Mixtape 243

Booming back at ya

Friday MixTape 218

The picture says it all really

Daniele Di Martino - Some [EP Preview] - acid stag

Daniele Di Martino teams up with Max Joni for his latest AA-side release

Justin Faust - Spellbound  [Album Stream] - acid stag

If you’re looking for any album to end the week on, try Justin Faust’s debut

acid stag mixtape

I declare this a no pants, all dance weekend

Justin Faust - Spellbound  [New Single] - acid stag

Justin Faust shares the title-track to his forthcoming album, Spellbound

Friday MixTape 197

I’ll have what he’s having.

Friday MixTape 158

Let today’s MixTape go in and around your ears.

Friday MixTape #152

FACT: Friday MixTapes are responsible for 55% of all house-party related injuries.

Friday MixTape #123

If the world is going to end today, let’s go out dancin’.

mixtape 153

Disco’s not a crime or a waste. It’s a rhyme and a taste. It’s a time and a place, to feel fine and get laced.


Brothers Dario Darnell and Lorne Ashley are Picture Book. Yesterday, the New York born / Manchester bred duo delivered sophomore, four-track EP Songs About Aimee.

Friday MixTape #81

Put your hands up in the air and slap Mufasa in the face. ▶ Mobile phone users Track-listing: 1. Alpine – Hands  (Winterplan Remix) 2. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco  (ft. Beck)  (Joakim Remix) 3. Givers – Up Up Up  (Salad Remix)   4. Lancelot – Daphnis The Nymph 5. Justin Faust – High Hopes  (Jay Lamar & Jesse […]

Friday MixTape #74

We’re horny for disco. Luckily it’s Friday.