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I Will, I Swear - Strings of Gold EP - acid stag

Belgium duo I Will, I Swear deliver a stunning five-track debut EP

Music + Video | Channel 33

featuring: Iron & Wine, Calexico, Seafret, Django Django, HONNE, Koresma, YOUTH, Korallreven, Seoul, Miami Horror and Moullinex

I Will, I Swear - Long Days

Last month we introduced you to ‘Long Days’ and ‘Sleep,’ the exquisite singles from I Will, I Swear. Since then, the Belgium pair (Jonathan Van Landeghem and Fien Deman) have released the stunning music video for ‘Long Days.’

I Will, I Swear - Long Days // Sleep

‘Long Days’ and ‘Sleep’ are the first two tracks from ambient duo I Will, I Swear. Both are incredibly delicate, drenched in gloom and laced with vocals that will leave you speechless.