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Glass Animals - Melbourne - acid stag

Glass Animals’ stage set up made it seem as if Jumanji had come to The Hi-Fi

★★★★ by Alex Milne

My First CD- Ben Woolner, SAFIA - Emiem - acid stag

SAFIA’s Ben Woolner confesses stealing Eminem from his sister

My First CD - Eminem, Olympic Ayres

Remember CDs?

Olympic Ayres tell us what the first one they ever bought was.

Eminem - Rapture Australia Tour  [Review]

Tobias went along to see Eminem last week and love almost every bit of it – ★★★★

Vic Mensa: INNANETAPE  [Review]

“INNANETAPE doesn’t break the mould, but it certainly gives listeners a glimpse into the talented mind of Vic Mensa. Chalk this up as another win for the Windy City.” ★★★☆