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featuring: isle&fever, Les Loups, Gigamesh, Nude Disco x Curtis Chip and Dude Skywalker

Friday MixTape 228 - acid stag

If sex is a weapon, then let’s go to war

Dude Skywalker - I'm The Dude EP - acid stag

Dude Skywalker is definitely the dude today with two new tunes, for two different moods

Friday MixTape 195

The Friday afternoon of a long weekend, is like the best time ever – so less working, more dancing!

Friday MixTape 181

It’s Friday – GET ON!

Dude Skywalker - Soular System EP

Miami’s Dude Skywalker just made Monday awesome, deep sexy disco awesome

Friday MixTape 168

We love you long time.

Friday MixTape 162

Forget the mustard, it’s Karate time!

Friday MixTape #156

Friday MixTapes will increase your sex appeal by 35%.

Friday MixTape 153

We like our MixTapes the way we like our sexual encounters: long and unforgettable.

Friday MixTape #138

Dance like you need the money.