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Friday MixTape 213

This is what you want, this is what you get

Friday MixTape #134

Drop your glasses, shake your arses.

Mardi Gras MixTape

We’re gay for disco. Happy Mardi Gras, Sydney!

Back Back Forward Punch_Zero to Disco 2

Melbourne electro-disco duo Back Back Forward Punch release latest single ‘Zero to Disco’ with remixes from Discotexas wunderkinds Coupons and electro-funk extraordinaires Dublin Aunts.

Friday MixTape 128

Get some disco up ya on this Straya Day long weekend, orright?

Friday MixTape #120

Disco is so deep in my daydreams.

mixtape 153

Disco’s not a crime or a waste. It’s a rhyme and a taste. It’s a time and a place, to feel fine and get laced.

mixtape 35

This will be the soundtrack to a whole lot of sinning.

mixtape 17

Disco; it’s good for the soul.

mixtape 10

Forget lube; just whack on some slick disco.

mixtape 6

Disco is one hell of a drug.

mixtape 128

If disco is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

mixtape 130

Friday MixTapes: the number one sex pheromone.


Adam Padayhag and Xavier Millis are a Melbourne-based duo that have been creating disco grooves together since 2009, under the moniker of Dublin Aunts. Their debut single ‘Heartbreak Reputation’ is a total booty grinder.

mixtape 117

Get your freak on (and then get him off).