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ROOF - May Live Mix 2014 - acid stag

Let ROOF recharge those batteries for you

ROOF - Semper&Solum Podcast #77

Sydney dance-track collector and mixtape creator ROOF has produced another mix for us all, a mix that is rammed with delicious grind-worthy beats.

ROOF- October Live Mix 2013

Sydney disco-house producer ROOF returns this morning with his latest monthly mix of deliciously groovy tunes, titled ‘October Live Mix 2013’

ROOF: July Live Mix 2013

Sydney’s ROOF produces some of the best disco-house mixes in Australia. His latest monthly creation, July Live Mix 2013, will have dance-floor deviants frothing from start to finish.

ROOF January 2013 Live Mix

ROOF is the nom de plume of Sydney’s Drew Kilpatrick, a graphic designer by day and a DJ/producer by night.