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Friday Favourites, The Tapes, WILLS, High Rule, Malvae, Deepshower - acid stag

featuring: The Tapes, WILLS, High Rule, Malvae and Deepshower

Remix This, Calvin Harris, REFLEX, 3lau, G-Eazy, Morgan Page, Deepshower, Middle, Jenaux, Young Bombs, Lash - acid stag

featuring: Calvin Harris, REFLEX, 3lau, G-Eazy and Morgan Page

remixed by: Deepshower, Middle, Jenaux, Young Bombs and Lash

The Disco Pit, Gavin Turek, Brownstone, Database, Throttle, S'Express - acid stag

featuring: Gavin Turek, Deepshower, Database, Throttle and Horse Meat Disco