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Friday MixTape #275

He thinks he’s people

Music + Video | Channel 41

featuring: Elizabeth Rose, ALPINE, Beirut, Foals, RATATAT, Charles Murdoch, Jax Jones and Yolanda Be Cool

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - Soul Makossa (Money) - acid stag

Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP team up again for a new tropical-house dance bomb

Friday Mixtape #232



program guide: RY X, Aquilo, Blonde Redhead, Owen Pallett, OOFJ, IS TROPICAL, Attaque, Meanwhile, Stax Osset, Tourist, Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP, Röyksopp and LIARS

Friday MixTape 183

There’s a time and a place for everything. Right now, there shall be this, and only this.

Friday MixTape 182

Happy Mardi Gras weekend Sydney!

Friday MixTape 158

Let today’s MixTape go in and around your ears.


KLP’s ‘Revolution EP Launch’ @GoodGod this Thursday night with Charlie Chux, Stu Turner and Moonbase Commander.


A dance-floor filler in his own right, DCUP’s earliest musical memories revolve around a certain King of Pop, an artist who I’m sure many musicians would credit as a big influence in their careers.

Friday MixTape #136

Friday has its baps out for the boys.

Peking Duk: The Way You Are (Sondrio Remix)

Allow Sondrio’s Peking Duk remix transport you to an outdoor summer festival as the sun sets. Whilst embraced by an acid haze, rays of light sneak through leafy branches, caressing your skin and sending shivers up your spine.

mixtape 153

Disco’s not a crime or a waste. It’s a rhyme and a taste. It’s a time and a place, to feel fine and get laced.

mixtape 143

Who doesn’t love a sexy, sweaty disco?