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featuring: Dirty Blonde, Thalab, mAsis, Teen Daze and Catching Flies

GAPS - She Bears A Flower  [New Single] - acid stag

GAPS upload delicate new single, ‘She Bears A Flower’

Single Sessions - José González, SAGE, Catching Flies, Kid Scissor, MARZxLEON, Tourist, Eric Sharp, Whitney Fierce, option4, BOULEVARDS - acid stag

featuring: Youthfire, José González, SAGE, Catching Flies, Kid Scissor, MARZxLEON, Tourist, Eric Sharp & Whitney Fierce, option4, BOULEVARDS and metals

GAPS - I Know It's You - Inside Your Head  [New Sounds]

‘I Know It’s You’ and ‘Inside Your Head’ from Brighton duo GAPS, is likely the best thing you’ll hear all day

Samuel J - Soliloquy  [New Sounds]

‘Soliloquy’ is the latest offering from Brighton newcomer Samuel J.

Louis M^ttrs - War With Heaven (Catching Flies Remix)

Catching Flies has sent through this gorgeous remix he has produced for Brighton-bred music-maker Louis M^ttrs’ latest single, ‘War With Heaven’

Catching Flies & Ifan Dafydd - Don't Know How

British producer Catching Flies has resurfaced over the weekend with an aurally tantalising new single. ‘Don’t Know How’ sees him teaming up with very talented multi-instrumentalist Ifan Dafydd.

Catching Flies - Stay Forever

22 year-old musician/producer Catching Flies returns with his latest piece of sweet down-tempo bliss, ‘Stay Forever.’ It’s the first single from his upcoming EP, The Long Journey Home.

Catching Flies- The Stars

Catching Flies is another unbelievably talented 21-year-old producer from London destined for great things. He could very well be Britain’s answer to Flume.