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Christa Vi - Invisible [Premiere] - acid stag

Christa Vi gives us a little electro-pop taste of her upcoming debut album

acid stag - Top Remixes of 2014

Your New Year’s Eve playlist has arrived with our Top Remixes of 2014


Friday MixTape 202_acid stag

The week’s end is nigh – let’s put it out of its misery

Friday MixTape 193

If things ever start to look like this, you’ve had way too much…

Friday MixTape 183

There’s a time and a place for everything. Right now, there shall be this, and only this.

Box Of Wolves - Let's Start Again (ft. Christa Vi)

Aussie songstress Christa Vi helps out Canadian producer Box Of Wolves on his latest single, ‘Let’s Start Again’

Friday MixTape 163

Smells like Friday, tastes like yum.

Friday MixTape #152

FACT: Friday MixTapes are responsible for 55% of all house-party related injuries.

Friday MixTape #144

Fuck work, let’s dance.

Friday MixTape #135

Your disco needs you.

Friday MixTape #134

Drop your glasses, shake your arses.

Mardi Gras MixTape

We’re gay for disco. Happy Mardi Gras, Sydney!