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Music + Video | Channel 91

Here’s a collection of some of the best music videos released this week

Interview - Leyya - acid stag

Experimental pop duo Leyya talk about their sound, musical inspiration and their killer new music video

– by Tanya Bonnie Rae

Active Child - Mercy - acid stag

You’re likely to find yourself listening to Active Child’s new album multiple times and not even notice

– ★★★★ by Renee Meznarsic

Active Child - Mercy - acid stag

Who’s keen to hear Active Child’s new album ahead of its release next week?

Leyya - Spanish Disco (album review) - acid stag

Leyya’s Spanish Disco is an enigma wrapped in an enigma

– ★★★★☆ by Tanya Bonnie Rae

OOFJ - Acute Feast - acid stag

With hints of Blonde Redhead mixed with a little bit of Goldfrapp, OOFJ’s new album is hard to turn away from

NOSAJ THING - Let You - acid stag

Let’s all ease into the day with this new track from LA producer Nosaj Thing

Active Child - Never Far Away - acid stag

Starting the day with new music from Active Child should be an everyday requirement

Active Child - 1999 - acid stag

Sit back and relax, press play and lose yourself in this new song from Active Child

Nosaj Thing - Cold Stares (ft. Chance The Rapper) - acid stag

Nosaj Thing teams up with Chance The Rapper for the first track from his upcoming record

Oh Wonder, Blonde Redhead, Lana Del Rey, Odesza, StéLouse, Grizzly Bear, Dinnerdate, Louis Futon - acid stag

featuring: Oh Wonder, Blonde Redhead, Lana Del Rey, Odesza and Misogi

being remixed by: StéLouse, Grizzly Bear, Dinnerdate, Louis Futon and Dreamcasts

GAPS - She Bears A Flower  [New Single] - acid stag

GAPS upload delicate new single, ‘She Bears A Flower’


program guide: RY X, Aquilo, Blonde Redhead, Owen Pallett, OOFJ, IS TROPICAL, Attaque, Meanwhile, Stax Osset, Tourist, Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP, Röyksopp and LIARS


featuring: Blonde Redhead, She & Him, Machine Translations, Ted Zed, Belle and Sebastian, Little Boots, Hercules & Love Affair, Mark Ronson, Celine Neon, Arca, Jacques Greene and BRODINSKI

Blonde Redhead - No More Honey - acid stag

Blonde Redhead share a new song and announce their 9th album