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Tel Aviv’s Noga Erez is keen to know if you can dance while you shoot…


Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost! announces solo ep + shares its first disco-funk tune

We Review Japanese Wallpaper at Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane - acid stag

Japanese Wallpaper brings his band to Brisbane and shows us just how far he’s come

(★★★★ by Max Byrne)

Sigur Ros - Oveour - New Single - acid stag

Sigur Rós release a brand new single off the back of their 24-hour live streaming tour around Iceland

Death Club 7 - Immortal Peaches [EP Stream] - acid stag

Take a big juicy bite of Death Club 7’s Immortal Peaches

EinarIndra - Stories [EP Stream] - acid stag

Icelandic newcomer EinarIndra delivers a stunning collection of tracks with his debut EP

Aurora – All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend [Album Review] - acid stag

The debut album from 19 year-old Norwegian Aurora, is chillingly beautiful & ethereal in it’s otherworldly sounds

– ★★★★★ by Alex Milne

Serious Covers, Little Dragon, Rexy, Eurythmics, Bjork, James Blake, Josh Jacobson, Ariel Pink, Jean Blanc, Sevenoak, Flybear - acid stag

featuring: Little Dragon, Rexy, Eurythmics, Bjork and James Blake

covered by: Josh Jacobson, Ariel Pink, Jean Blanc, Sevenoak and Flybear

Olga Bell - Randomness [New Single] - acid stag

Moscow’s Olga Bell has another track from her new album for us to get our ears around

Serious Covers, Kanye West, Björk, Amy Winehouse, deadmau5, Kaskade, Stars, Jim-E Stack, Mark Johns, BLU J - acid stag

featuring: Kanye West, Björk, Amy Winehouse and deadmau5 x Kaskade

covered by: Stars, Jim-E Stack, Mark Johns and BLU J

FKA twigs - Good To Love [New Single + Video] - acid stag

New single and video from FKA Twigs with the intimate ‘Good To Love’

(by Michael Hutchinson)

EinarIndra - The Songs Are Over [New Single]

Icelandic singer/songwriter EinarIndra gives us another stunning preview of his upcoming EP

Interview with HEALTH - Laneway 2016 - acid stag

We chat with HEALTH ahead of their trip to Australia for Laneway

by Natalia Morawski

EinarIndra - Sometimes I'm Wrong [New Single] - acid stag

Fans of James Blake, Bon Iver and The Acid will love the sounds of Icelandic newcomer EinarIndra

JJ - Paranoid [New Single] - acid stag

Swedish experimental-pop trio JJ give us another taste of their intriguing sound and style