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Miami Horror - Cellophane (So Cruel) (ft. Aaron Miller & Gavin Turek) - acid stag

Let’s start our Tuesday with a new summery groove from Miami Horror

Taste Nasa - Time Goes By EP - acid stag

Kiwi newcomer Taste Nasa shares his very cool debut EP

Taste Nasa - I'd Like To Be Your Girl (Wunder Wunder Remix) - acid stag

Wunder Wunder get a little bit arousing with their remix of Taste Nasa

Miami Horror - All Possible Futures - acid stag

Miami Horror’s new album is filled with feel-good summer jams

– ★★★★ by Tanya Bonnie Rae

Wunder Wunder - Hail the Madmen - acid stag

Wunder Wunder share a Dimitri Basil directed video for their latest single ‘Hail the Madmen’

Wunder Wunder - Sure Stuck + Coastline + Midnight Hours [New Music] - acid stag

Two dudes from Miami Horror have a new project called Wunder Wunder, and this is what they sound like:

Miami Horror- Real Slow (ft. Sarah Chernoff)

Miami Horror serve up Fruit Loops in a bath-tub. Yum!