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LA producer Taylor Wise helps us kick-off the summer-season with the perfect blend of warm, summery, feel-good tunes

Non-MixTape, LANY, SG Lewis, The Weeknd, THEY, Beach Boys, Flor, Delusion, JR Nelson, AWAY, Justin Caruso - acid stag

featuring: LANY, SG Lewis, The Weeknd, THEY and Beach Boys

remixed by: Flor, Delusion, JR Nelson, AWAY and Justin Caruso

POP ETC - Souvenir [Album Stream] - acid stag

POP ETC release their second album and hit the road across the USA

POP ETC - What Am I Becoming? [New Single] - acid stag

POP ETC give us another tiny preview of their upcoming album

POP ETC - Running In Circles [New Single] - acid stag

POP ETC share the first taste of their forthcoming album

Cloud Control - Dream Cave - Album Review and Stream

“Cloud Control’s Dream Cave comes across as a smoothly constructed and enjoyable exposition of the sound we already know and love. Cloud Control are a band who will continue to command my curiosity.”

Rating: ★★★
Words by Tim Onslow

Jagwar Ma - Howlin'

Jagwar Ma’s ‘Howlin’ is a very solid debut record that leaves a promise of bigger and better things in future.

Maus Haus- Light Noise

San Franciscan synth-pop foursome Maus Haus describe themselves as a “confection of Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth, ground up and re-formed into a filet of raw cool.” Although influenced by many, they still manage to pull-off an interesting and unique sound that does put a skip into your step. In early October, they released the below […]

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.-Horse Power 2

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott hailing from Detroit City, USA. Their upbeat electronic-pop-folk style shines through brightly on their debut four-track EP Horse Power. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have created a winning sound, with layers of electronic drum beats over guitar strums and keyboards. The tracks are carried by their […]