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featuring: Janelle Kroll, EXES, BATTS, Liyv and Sorcha Richardson

We Review NUSSY at The Workers Club – July 30, 2016 - acid stag

If you’ve never seen BATTS or NUSSY live, then this ought to peak your interest – girl power was on fire!

(★★★★ by Kara Bertoncini)

Let's Hear It For The, BATTS, Mai Kino, LUEM, CAPPA, Noella Nix - acid stag

featuring: BATTS, Mai Kino, LUEM, CAPPA and Noella Nix

Serious Covers, Haddaway, Savage, Blue Oyster Cult, Everything But The Girl, BATTS, Nude Disco, Heidrun, Memoryy, EDX, Luca Schreiner - acid stag

featuring: Haddaway, Savage, Blue Oyster Cult and Everything But The Girl

covered by: BATTS, Nude Disco x Heidrun, Memoryy, EDX and Luca Schreiner

Music + Video | Channel 63

featuring: Nicole Millar, Empress Of, POLIÇA, Adam Von Lux, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Nick Pes, City Calm Down, Snakehips, Teenage Mutants and LDRU

Non-MixTape, BATTS, Porsches, Jack + Eliza, Hermitude, Jamie XX, Wayfarer, Indian Summer, Shy Girls, Close Counters, Mike Simonetti, acid stag

featuring: BATTS, Porsches, Jack + Eliza, Hermitude and Jamie XX

remixed by: Wayfarer, Indian Summer, Shy Girls, Close Counters and Mike Simonetti

BATTS, Mesa Luna, Cloud@Last, yurei, BUNKI - acid stag

featuring: BATTS, Mesa Luna, Cloud@Last, yurei and BUNKI