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This new BAILE ep is just stunning – daydreaming electronic at its finest


featuring: BAILE, EYEZENBURG, Duñe, Kauf and RITUAL

Non-Mixtape, DRKTMS, AIRWOLF, DROELOE, TOYO, Kindred, BAILE - acid stag

remixes by: DRKTMS, AIRWOLF, DROELOE, TOYO x Kindred and BAILE

Non-MixTape - Mansionair, Dugong Jr, Ember Island, Jack Ü, Moby, Introverted Dancefloor, BAILE, YesYou, LIOHN, LO'99, Bromelain Cold & Lonely - acid stag

featuring: Mansionair, Dugong Jr, Ember Island x Jack Ü, Moby and Introverted Dancefloor

remixed by: BAILE, YesYou, LIOHN, LO’99 and Bromelain Cold & Lonely

Non-MixTape, BAILE, Braids, JONES, Tycho, I'lls, Jerome LOL, Dave Harrington, Salute, Baio, Planète, acid stag

featuring: BAILE, Braids, JONES, Tycho and I’lls

remixed by: Jerome LOL, Dave Harrington, Salute, Baio and Planète

Remix This, Strange Talk, Drake, Disclosure,  ZHU, Skrillex, THEY, BAIO, Robotaki, Quinten 909, Zerb, Wongo, BAILE, acid stag

featuring: Strange Talk, Drake, Disclosure, ZHU x Skrillex x THEY. and BAIO

remixed by: Robotaki, Quinten 909, Zerb, Wongo and BAILE

Friday MixTape 265

Y’all looking for this?

Non-MixTape, John Grvy, Rudimental, Mansionair, Crooked Colours, BAILE, Miqui Brightside, GRMM, Slum Sociable, LO'99, Cranks, acid stag

featuring: John Grvy, Rudimental, Mansionair, Crooked Colours and BAILE

remixed by: Miqui Brightside, GRMM, Slum Sociable, LO’99 and Cranks

Non-MixTape, SOFI TUKKER, King Krule, Seoul, Skylar Spence, STATUE, The Knocks, QUARRY, BAILE, Qrion, Secret Circuit - acid stag

featuring: SOFI TUKKER, King Krule, Seoul, Skylar Spence and STATUE

remixed by: The Knocks, QUARRY, BAILE, Qrion and Secret Circuit

BAILE - Holdin' (ft. Marie Kim) - acid stag

NYC’s BAILE releases his new EP and shares another of its singles

BAILE - Matter - Down - acid stag

BAILE shares two more tracks from his upcoming EP

BAILE - Leaves (ft. Felicia Douglass) - acid stag

Brooklyn producer BAILE teams up with Felicia Douglass for his impressive new single

Taste Nasa - Time Goes By EP - acid stag

Kiwi newcomer Taste Nasa shares his very cool debut EP

Non-MixTape - Fleetwood Mac, ZHU, Flight Facilities, Slow Magic, ODESZA - acid stag

featuring: White Royal, Fleetwood Mac, Oh Wonder, Spirit Faces, ZHU, Set Mo, Flight Facilities, Savoir, Slow Magic and Jonjo Jury

being remixed by: BAILE, JMR x Jon Santana, Louis The Child, Anatole, Kill Them With Colour, Sweetland, Lido, Adesse Versions, ODESZA and Bufi

BAILE - Too Much (ft. Camille Corazón)  [New Single] - acid stag

BAILE teams up with fellow NYC native Camille Corazón for his latest offering