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Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell [Album Trailer] - acid stag

Sufjan Stevens announces the release of his next album for March 2015!

Sisyphus (Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux & Serengeti) - Take Me - acid stag

“I want to be your friend. Take me to your room” – Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens' Seven Swans turns 10! [Album Stream]

10 years on and Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans still manages to make me laugh, and make me cry.

Sisyphus - Rhythm of Devotion

Sisyphus, aka Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti, have shared another new track from their forthcoming debut, this one titled ‘Rhythm of Devotion’

Sisyphus - Alcohol

‘Alcohol’ is the latest track to come from Sisyphus – aka Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti

Sisyphus, Sufjan Stevens, Sun Lux, Serengeti - Calm It Down

Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti have teamed up for a new collaborative project they are calling Sisyphus and ‘Calm It Down’ is their latest jam