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As if this new Metroplane track isn’t gunna stick inside your head for days “Bahp Bahp Bahp Bahp Bahp Bahp Bahp”

Après - Wonder Why (ft. Lolé) [New Single] - acid stag

Après new summer-house treat with Lolé is off to a cracking start with a premiere by Annie Mac

Hear Three New Tracks from James Blake! - acid stag

James Blake’s album will be out before the weekend – listen to THREE of its tracks now

Metroplane - Mr. E [New Single] - acid stag

Aeroplane and Alex Metric get us pumped for the weekend with their new collab project Metroplane

Moon Boots - Magic - acid stag

Moon Boots premieres his latest original tune with Annie Mac this week

PWNDTIAC - The Beach - acid stag

PWNDTIAC deliver a great new summery groove, along with an equally great Les Loups remix

Yeo - Come Find Me EP  [Review + Stream] - acid stag

If you’re looking for something that is genuine and gives no regard to trends, give Yeo’s Come Find Me a few spins

[★★★☆ Corey Brown]

Nicky Night Time - Everybody Together - acid stag

Van She frontman Nick Routledge is now making disco-house tunes under the name, Nicky Night Time

– by Michael Hutchinson

GOOSE - Falling - I Love Techno

Belgian electro-lords GOOSE have dropped a surprise new single ‘Falling,’ produced especially for their appearance at the I Love Techno dance festival in Belgium this weekend.