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Melbourne’s Harts (Darren Hart) is a ridiculously well-versed artist who’s obviously come from a strong musical background. So we asked him: “What was your first CD?”

The “indie” brand is part of our culture these days, but it’s a shame to think just how many people don’t realise what the true meaning behind the word is. This will make things much clearer.

Strange Talk has racked up an impressive CV for a band that is only now releasing their debut album, ‘Cast Away.’ Monica McClure reviews.

Battleships’ bassist/keyboardist Jonathan Bowden credits a bunch of bad boys for his earliest music memories.

High Highs’ debut album ‘Open Season’ is stunning. Fresh off the press on January 25, ‘Open Season’ is a dreamy exploration in folk pop from Australian duo Jack Milas and Oli Chang.

Given the tropical, upbeat nature of Panama’s music, you’d assume the band’s mastermind Jarrah McCleary was brought up on a diet of 80s pop music. You’d be very wrong.

One-half of Brisbane’s Gung Ho, Oliver Duncan, took a moment to relay his memories on his first ever CD purchase – the self-titled (debut) album from UK virtual band Gorillaz.

A warning for those catching Animal Collective on their Australian tour: normal life may seem a bit less colourful after seeing them live.

I was dubious upon entering Sydney’s The Hi-fi on January 17, wondering how an electro-pop act that is Gold Fields could support Crystal Castles. I was wrong to question their ability to adapt.

You know how it was 43 degrees in Sydney on Tuesday, January 8? Apparently it was all the fault of The Hives.

The live format works well for Two Door Cinema Club, taking away some of the production value from their chirpy melodies and emphasising the trademark energy in the band’s indie-pop tracks.

It’s rare I get this excited about a new release. It usually takes time for me to digest music before I can decide whether I like it or not, but Pigeon’s debut EP ‘Fortunes’ was immediately compelling. I can’t recommend this one strongly enough.

Self described as indie/electro/pop, Tokyo Denmark Sweden’s EP is definitely weighted towards the second and third of those genres.

Flume’s been touted as the future of Australian electronic music, and judging by this debut album, I would think that’s not too far off the mark.

A round of applause to Last Dinosaurs, from the enclave of 18+ year olds huddled near The Metro Theatre’s upstairs bar.