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featuring: Fabich x M83, Łindal, Phantoms and nöair

Posted on by: acid stag

featuring: swindail, MJ Cole, The Him and Curt Reynolds

Australian artist Benji Lewis gives us a very impressive peek into his forthcoming ep – and what a voice!

Donatachi joins forces with Tashka and Blair de Milo for his latest release, and boy do they work well together!

Everyone raise their hat to The Magician as we get in the groove of his ‘Magic Tape 67’

featuring: Ninajirachi, alxxa, Marnie and RYDER

Let’s all marinate in the illuminated sounds of Viceroy

Figgy shares his first infectious disco-fuelled single of 2017, featuring the voice of Angelica Bess from Body Language

Sun City get right under our skin again this week with the third & final single off their forthcoming ep

We chat with LANY ahead of their first Aussie tour, and it’s got us a little bit excited!

Here’s a small collection of great new talent from around the globe for us to keep our eyes on

This new Cold War Kids track is pretty damn good, but I am die-hard fan so I may be a little biased

Our Spotify playlist series showcasing some of this week’s best releases

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featuring: Flapo x Opia, Evan Gartner x Papa Ya, Mozado x Usher and Joe Mason x Kream

This new two-track release from Istanbul/London producer Villette made my transition into the new week quite a pleasant one