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I almost peed my pants with excitement last week when I was asked if I wanted to have a Skype-date with Will Wiesenfeld, aka BATHS.

We ask Elizabeth Rose where her love of music began

We caught up NZ’s BROODS to ask them where their love of music began

We catch up with Sydney producer Lancelot before wall the 2014 crazy begins

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We catch up with Phoenix bassist Deck d’Arcy for a quick chat, in the nude

We caught up with Aeroplane while he was in Australia recently and asked him what the first CD he ever bought (stole) was?

Miami Horror’s Ben Plant tell us where his love of 80s inspired music begin.

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We caught up with Oliver Tank the other day to ask what the first CD he ever bought was – we were quite surprised!

We catch up with Matt from UK production duo BICEP to ask where his musical journeys began.

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Cyril Hahn is heading to Australia next month and got in touch to ask where he picked up his love of grinding synth-tangled, R&B production.

Norwegian electro-house duo Lemâitre will be in Australia in just a few weeks for the 2013 Stereosonic tour. We caught up to ask what makes them do what they do!

We catch up with Chris BAIO to ask where his diverse love of many types, forms and genres of music began.

We ask Convaire’s John Towey where his musical roots took hold. Possible the best My First CD to date.

We touched-base with Jens Moelle, one-half of the German electro duo Digitalism to ask what his first ever CD was and if it changed his life.

The Kite String Tangle is just about to hit the road with Owl Eyes ahead of his first ever headlining tour. I had a chat with the man himself, before it all gets a little crazy.