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We talk to the Bondax boys George Townsend and Adam Kaye (from their bed), ahead of their first trip Down Under for the Listen Out festivals

– by Jacqui Wonder

Ahead of his huge Vessel EP Tour, we ask The Kite String Tangle what his first ever CD purchase was

What was the first CD a 13 year old Chevy Long of Indian Summer, save up his pocket money to buy?

New Navy’s Jamie Corson tells us about his first CD purchase, which involves parachute pants and a hard shell…

Jon Hart of Boy & Bear bought his first CD to win over a girl – turned out to be a win on both accounts

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Beni reveals his first ever CD purchase

Australian producer Yahtzel gives us his three biggest tips for having the ideal festival experience

Last week we had a chat with Perth producer Reggie Matthews about Listen Out, Barber Shops and of course, Ta-ku

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Want to know what Nicole Millar’s very first CD purchase was?

Guerre’s debut album comes out tomorrow, and we thought it quite fitting to ask what the first CD he ever bought was

We ask Sampology what his very first CD purchase was

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This week Yuksek drops the first compilation album via his own very label, Partyfine

We ask Joe Seaward, drummer of UK tetrad Glass Animals, what his first ever CD was

SAFIA’s Ben Woolner confesses stealing Eminem from his sister

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Joakim confesses he bought his first album all those years ago, to pick up girls at school