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Stream ‘Voyage EP’ by Moi Je

Earlier this month, a French crew who go by the name Moi Je released their latest six-track ‘Voyage EP’, and I must say that listening to this ep is like bouncing around on big soft fluffy clouds in some strange Mario Bros-like world.

‘Voyage EP’ has all of the jazz, soul, disco, funk and groove that you’ll need this week, so just hit that play button and let Moi Je do the rest.

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Newcomers: MAKA, Tamu Massif, Lacuna, Pharaoh & Sam Weston

We have always taken pride in giving new producers, bands & artists the opportunity to have their music heard by a world-wide audience, and our location-based Newcomer series is the place for us to showcase some of the fine upcoming artists we think everyone should keep an eye on.

MAKA – Where I Live [USA]

Tamu Massif – OK [UK]

Lacuna – Clyde [UK]

Pharaoh – Minds 2 Heal (ft. Marla Micor) [USA]

Sam Weston – Don’t Save Face [AUS]


Serious Covers Vol 73

If you’re going to cover someone else’s work, you better do a damn good job of it, and here are some seriously good covers of some seriously good songs.

Porches – Morpha Too (Big Star Cover)

Yoste – Hold (Vera Blue Rework)

Vanessa Elisha – Friendly Skies (Missy Elliott Cover)

Patty Crash & Kronic – Pictures (Sneaky Sound System Cover)

Yashar Gasanov – Goosebumps (Travis Scott cover)


Nick Pes – ‘Sunsets’

Sydney-based musician Nick Pes has a great new synth-pop tune to share with us this week called ‘Sunsets’, which comes accompanied by a viscerally sombre Josh Harris directed music video that was inspired by cult sci-fi and Neo Noir films, and explores the challenges that modern and future relationships face.

“The thing about a sunset is that one happens every single day, some more amazing than others, but daily nonetheless – but if you allow yourself to experience it can feel like the most beautiful and important moment in the world. There’s a sadness because it’s an ending but it also marks a beginning. You can’t stop it from happening so you just have to go with it.” – Nick Pes

promoted by Mammal Sounds

You can can your mitts on a copy of ‘Sunsets’ now through iTunes or Spotify, and for a limited time you can also get a free download via Nick’s Soundcloud.

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Beach Season – ‘Midnights’

Canadian duo Beach Season have a pretty great new track to share with us this week called ‘Midnights’, which has them combining their smooth R&B-styled vocals with luscious synths and bass-driven beats to create a gorgeous little ambient treat that I reckon will sit quite nicely with a lot you.

‘Midnights’ will be seen on Beach Season’s debut ‘Libra Year EP’ that will hit the shelves on November 11.

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Unlike Pluto – ‘Show Me Love’ + ‘Soul’

Unlike Pluto has unleashed a huge double-single release this week for two new tracks called ‘Show Me Love’ featuring the voice of previous vocal-collaborator Michelle Buzz, and the other is called ‘Soul’ which has him working with Canadian singer/songwriter Q’AILA for her stunning vocal abilities.

Both tracks are seeing their release together this week through Mad Decent.

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Whethan vs. Oliver Tree – ‘When I’m Down’

Whethan and Oliver Tree have teamed up for a great new track called ‘When I’m Down’, and it’s sure to brighten anyone’s day with its fun, uplifting, playful sounds.

Oliver Tree’s unique voice works really well against Whethan’s lighthearted production, and together the result is an infectious feel-good electro release that get you feeling all kinds of happy things.

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acid stag radio; October Week 4

Tune in to acid stag radio as we showcase some of the best tracks we’ve shared on the site over the last week, and be sure to follow our Spotify ‘page’ (not the playlist) to catch a brand new playlist every week.

Spotify is a fantastic platform not only for its accessibility and versatility for you to be able to listen to pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime, but it’s also great for independent artists because they actually collect revenue for each and every play their track gets. This is of course a very small amount, but the more times you play their music, the more money you can help them make – it’s a total win-win situation!




Non-MixTape Remixes 149

Each week we collect a neat little assortment of weird, interesting and very cool remixes that just aren’t suitable for our Friday MixTapes, so we have the Non-MixTape Remix series set up to showcase some of these great remix creations.

Charlie Winston – Too Long (JATA Remix)

ARIZONA – I Was Wrong (BAYNK Remix)

Wingtip – Rewind (ft. Sophie Strauss) (Olmos Remix)

Violet Days – Your Girl (Win & Woo Remix)

courtship. – Stop For Nothing (SACHI Remix)


Stream ‘Luminous EP’ by Goldielocks

A few weeks ago we shared this stunning new single from a Canberra-based producer who goes by the name Goldielocks, it was called ‘Liquify’ and it still does some seriously weird and wonderful things to me every time I listen to it.

That track was promised to be seen on Goldielocks‘ upcoming second ep which was in-fact released last week, and it’s three tracks offer up an intriguing and sonically pleasing glimpse into a world of ambient electronica that walks a fine line between varying genres such as hip-hop, synth-pop and electro-soul.

‘Luminous EP’ is out now through via Inertia Access.

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Xavier Dunn – ‘Give In (ft. Airling)’

Sydney multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist Xavier Dunn has some big news to share with us this week; he’s just signed to a new label called 1825 Records (joint venture between Unified’s Jaddan Comerford and Wonder Management’s Matt Emsell) as their first official signee, and along with this exiting news comes a gorgeous new single called ‘Give In’ which features the vocal assistance of Australian songstress Airling.

Pretty sure we can expect more new releases from Xavier Dunn very soon, so you best hit him up on his socials to be kept in the loop on those.

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Justice – ‘ALAKAZAM!’

Electro-overlords Justice dropped another new track over the weekend called ‘ALAKAZAM!’ which is the next driving electro-synth slice of their upcoming album ‘Woman’, and it also comes with an Ugo Mangin directed live video which was created using footage taken from multiple fans’ iPhones during a secret Justice gig in London for Mixmag back in September.

Justice’s highly anticipated album ‘Woman’ will hit the shelves on November 19 – get your pre-orders in now

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The Tapes – ‘You Know It’s Real’

This little treat came in late last week and I’ve been itching to get it up for you all to check out – I did manage to squeeze it into the Friday MixTape though if you haven’t heard that yet

It’s an awesome new track from a Sydney duo who call themselves The Tapes, it’s called ‘You Know It’s Real’ and it has a strong nostalgic synth-driven vibe with romantic falsetto vocals that are seriously easy to fall in love with – if this song was hitting on me in a club I would have been back at his place before it even ended

The Tapes will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on November 11 through Nook Nook Records, which will coincide with an EP Launch Party at ‘Civic Underground’ on November 10 – you can keep yourself up-to-date on both of those via the below socials

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Fortunes – ‘501’s’

Last Friday Melbourne duo Fortunes share a brand new smooth & sexy new tune called ‘501’s’ which is all about hot boys in tight jeans, and it also comes with the news of them signing to Future Classic, and a four-date East-Coast tour.

Aussie fans can catch Fortunes around the country this November as they make their way through Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide for their ‘501’s Tour’ – click the artwork below for more details


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Sunday Chills #62

Sunday Chills is the soundtrack to those lazy Sunday moments; whether you’re enjoying a good sleep-in, snuggling up to your your man or woman (or both if you’re that lucky), having a late brekkie, chilling on the sofa, or just simply doing nothing at all.

Luke De-Sciscio – Vivid Love

Aso – Seasons

Chuck Loon – Night’s Wonder

White Cliffs – Come Here (ft. Hugh EP)

ANH & quickly, quickly – Preach